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Electromagnetic 'Anti-Gravity' Flying Saucer ~ FREE USA Shipping!

Electromagnetic 'Anti-Gravity' Flying Saucer ~ FREE USA Shipping!

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Levitating Magnetic Spinning  Disc 


Welcome to - Your Ultimate Destination for Gravity-Defying Decor!

Elevate your space and give it a whole new perspective with the power of magnetic levitation. We introduce to you a world where home decor takes flight, where your decor doesn't just sit - it hovers!

✨ Embrace the Magic of Magnetism at ✨

At, we invite you on a journey of aesthetic discovery. Explore an amazing range of decor where magnetism merges with elegance to bring an enchanting twist to your living spaces. Step into a world of floating planets, suspended plants, and airborne vintage timepieces.

🔮 Electronic & Analog Levitating Decor - Elevate Your Aesthetic 🔮

Our exceptional collection includes both electronic and analog levitating pieces. Watch in awe as our electronic decor lights up and twirls, suspended mid-air, adding a modern, tech-savvy flair to your surroundings. For the lovers of tradition, our analog levitating decor maintains classic aesthetics, making every room a timeless masterpiece.

💫 Immerse in a Sensory Experience with 💫

Engage your senses with our gravity-defying decor. Be it the gentle, silent rotation of our globes or the ethereal hover of our levitating plants,’s products provide an unforgettable visual spectacle that adds enchantment to your everyday life.

🌍 Sustainable Craftsmanship, Quality You Can Trust 🌍

At, we're committed to providing eco-conscious, meticulously designed levitating decor. Our sustainable, long-lasting pieces are built for durability, offering you years of magical moments and conversation starters.

Make the leap to - where design defies gravity. Welcome to a realm of intrigue, wonder, and weightless elegance. Let's face it, life's too short for decor that doesn't levitate!

Ready to give your space the 'cool' factor it deserves? Visit now, add your favorite pieces to the cart, and let the magic of levitation sweep you off your feet!



- Your ideal magnetic levitation toy
- Stable suspension performance
- Generate Fantastic Effects!

- Input voltage: DC 9-12V (2A)
- Power consumption: around 10-12W
- Structure: Analog circuit + Hall sensor
- Shell size: ~96 x 96 x 37.8MM/3.8 x 3.8 x 1.5"
- Weight of the module: ~100-150g/0.2-0.3lb
- Weight: around 400g/0.9lb (including shell and power adapter)

Package Includes:
- 1 x Magnetic Levitation Module
- 1 x Power Adapter

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